WCCI History


The history of this church is as old as what happened between Martin Luther and the Catholic Church so many years ago. The church was founded by God through persecution as contained in Acts 8:1. Walk in Christ church as the name implied according to Acts 17:28 that says; for in him we live and move and have our beings as also some of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.

The church was formally known as New Church Fikyu, started on the Sunday 31st December,2016 under the mango tree of the Mbeatagbum family in Acho i.e the eve of the 2017 new year with almost 535 members (men , women and children ) who where majorly members of RCCN Fikyu Sihiyona under the chairmanship of ElderJonah Gwamna Ali while pastor Philip S. Iranyang gave the message. This service became feasible for the members in order to arrest the disagreement that existed between majority of the Elders in RCCN Sihiyona and the vibrant /charistimatic youths of the RCCN Sihiyona which decided to run for their lives to worship God the Bible stipulates.
Earlier on , the youths and where forcefully /wrongfully excommunicated followed by suspension of their Pastor Philip D. Uzuk for six months by the RCCN EC members who prematurely waded into the disagreement. These actions led to the decision for the new church to avoid further problem since they were serving God.
On the 1st January, 2017, the fame of the church increase in the village for more attendance when Evangelist Reuben Nya Akirikwen gave the message and intermittently nurtured the church spiritually with Pastor Philip S. Iranyang. Later, the need for change in the venue of the church arose that led to where the situated now from 2nd April, 2017.Pastor Philip D. Nzuk Later joined the pastoral ministry of the church after he had completed his suspension term from the RCCN Sihiyna when too he had resigned his service with the RCCN Church to be with the WCCF. Much later, Pastor Gideon Garba Polycarp joined the church as one of the Pastors. The church by the grace of God had been existing to fulfill the great commission of the lord despite the storms /persecution from the devil. The first Elders of the church are: Elder Jonah Gwamna Ali ( Vice chairman ), Eld.Isaac Shamaki, Eld. Andebutop Sale ( secretary) Eld. Exodus A. Akyara ( Asst. Secretary ), Eld. Rimamnyang Ali (Treasurrer) Eld. Thomas M.Akinkwe (Fin.Secretary), ELd. Andenum Garba, Eld. Kweka Samuila Eld. Jacob Andrew and Elder Daniel Garba. The decons are: Deacon Paul Siten (chief) Deacon Andefiki I. Musa (Secretary), Deacon Friday Andesiye and Deacon Bitrus Adamu.